Frequently Asked Questions

01. If I complete the Comfortable Workspace Guide but decide I would like more personalized help with adjustments or finding equipment, can I upgrade to a Remote Assessment?
Yes, please feel free to upgrade to a Remote Assessment or Chair Consultation and we will subtract the cost of the Guide to create an easy transaction. Email to request a coupon code.
02. How long is a Remote Assessment vs. how long does it take to complete the Comfortable Workspace Guide?
Remote Assessments take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, and occasionally longer to ensure that needs are met. The Guide takes an average of one hour if you read from beginning to end plus time for making adjustments. It will vary from person to person depending on speed and complexity of issues.
03. Does medical insurance cover visits?
At this time, insurance does not cover ergonomic services. That's why a quality Guide and Remote services were created at a price point that makes them accessible for clients. The price of 1:1 assessments have been kept down to the cost of approximately one physical therapy visit by doing them remotely and we've packed as much value as possible into a single assessment. (Many ergonomic professionals are charging over $500 per assessment for the same quality and services.)
04. How do I know which service is right for me?
The Comfortable Workspace Guide was created to meet the needs of as many clients as possible. However, if you have significant pain or medical conditions, need help fitting and sourcing a new chair or equipment or you have more complex ergonomic issues, then the Remote Assessment is recommended. If all you need is help finding and fitting a new chair, then we recommend the Remote Chair Consultation. NOTE: These services are not meant to provide or replace any medical or healthcare treatment or advice. We do not diagnose or treat any conditions.
05. Is there support available if I purchase the Comfortable Workspace Guide?
The Comfortable Workspace Guide is a self-guided program with step by-step instructions that you can complete at your own pace. However, your success, user experience and satisfaction are important. You may reach out to for technical issues or if you need clarification on any areas of the guide. If you need 1:1 guidance to solve your ergonomic issues, then we recommend a Remote Assessment.
06. Do you sell equipment?
Cascade Ergonomics does not sell equipment. However in the future, we may list commonly recommended items on the website to make it easier for clients to locate. We may also add affiliate links which will be openly disclosed on the website and during assessments. The needs and best interests of clients always come first.
07. I bought a new chair or other equipment but I am having problems adjusting it. Which service is best for me?
We understand this frustration as well as the cost of trying to return equipment. In this case a Remote Ergonomic Assessment is recommended. It is best to email cindy@cascadeergonomics ahead of time with questions to ensure the right level of service.
08. I'm undergoing physical therapy, Chiropractic, medical or other types of care. Are these services right for me?
So many times, ergonomic services are the missing link to the discomfort puzzle. Our services are a great compliment to other forms of medical or health care, often improving or accelerating results. We are happy to work in a complimentary manner with your provider and can also help with Worker's Comp issues. Please note that our services are not a substitute for other forms of medical or health care and are not intended to treat or diagnose any conditions. If you have specific questions regarding your condition, you may email
09. I have a Worker's Comp injury. How do I get an ergonomic assessment covered?
You will need to discuss this request with your attending WC doctor. If the doctor approves and orders an ergonomic assessment, then it is up to the Workman's Comp insurers to authorize this service. A request for ergonomic services is not a guarantee that they will be approved or authorized. Some WC insurers rely on their own ergonomists.
10. I have a small budget and cannot afford fancy equipment. Will this still work for me?
The job of an ergonomic professional is to provide effective and creative solutions within budget. Even without a budget for equipment, there is much that can be done to improve just about any workstation. What you learn from the assessment can be transferred to any workstation and you will learn which upgrades to prioritize. Many clients start conservatively with a few adjustments or a small equipment upgrade.
11. I have questions about fitness and staying healthy at a desk job. Are those issues addressed here?
The Comfortable Workspace guide covers healthy movement break strategies, basic health tips and stretches. Remote assessments allow more time to address health and exercise topics for office workers based on recent scientific literature but we do not engage in personal training activities. For more information on fitness and exercise for office workers visit the blog article, "Sitting Disease: Can Workouts Save You" at
12. What should I do about my kids' posture on the computer and other devices?
It is more important than ever to get a handle on ergonomics for your kids, especially NOW in their early developmental years to halt poor posture. We have Remote Assessments for Kids and Teens at at a special price. Plus it's fun and you can do more with less expense for kids. Parents are encouraged to attend the assessment with their kids.
13. How can I share these services with my employer?
There are different approaches based on the size of your company. At under the "Services" drop down menu at the very top of the website, you will find "Services for Businesses". Located there is a brochure and a contact form to share with owners, decision makers or Human Resources departments. Feel free to email and we can contact your employer for you.
14. Are gift certificates available?
Yes, gift certificates are available as our services make GREAT gifts that are unique and fun. Email cindy@cascadeergonomics to request a gift certificate and be sure to specify which service. We will email you a gift certificate with a one-time code that can either be emailed to the gift recipient, or downloaded and printed.
15. Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment for an ergonomic assessment or chair consultation?
Yes, after purchasing a service you may reschedule or cancel the appointment as long as it is at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a late cancellation fee of $50.00. If you wish to cancel an appointment ahead of time and receive a refund, you may email with your refund request. Be sure to include your name, order number, service purchased and the cost. Once the refund is processed, it generally takes 3-10 business days to appear in your account.

Booking cancellation

Are you sure you want to cancel your booking?
If you proceed, a confirmation email will be sent to your account with a link to reschedule your booking. If you wish to receive a refund, instructions will be included in the cancellation email.